Biden-Harris Administration Announces $400 Million Grant Program to Fund Clean School Buses that Reduce Emissions and Protect Children’s Health

Latest funding from the President’s Investing in America Agenda follows nearly $1 billion for thousands of electric and low-emission school buses across the nation.

The race to electrify America’s school bus fleet

The electric vehicle revolution is making its way to a new segment, school buses. In the U.S., 26 million children take 480,000 buses to and from school every day.

EPA Announces Nearly $1 BILLION in Funding for Electric School Buses.

 This is a historic moment for student transportation, one that ushers in a new era of cleaner rides for our kids.

EPA Releases Overview of Clean School Bus Program

In January of 2022, the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality released an overview of their Clean School Bus Program.

The State of Electric School Bus Adoption in the US

The World Resources Institute updated their recent article citing their latest dataset tracking electric school bus adoption in the US. The data are current as of December 16, 2021.

Electric School Bus Coalition sends public comments to the EPA

On February 3, 2022 the Electric School Bus Coalition sent public comments to the EPA in support of their Clean School Bus Program.

Massachusetts Electric School Bus Helps Power Electricity Grid in Breakthrough for Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

Electric school buses save school districts thousands of dollars on fuel – but a bus in Beverly, Mass., delivered more than 50 hours of electricity back to the New England National Grid, marking the first time a bus has served as an energy resource.

Alaska’s first electric-powered school bus is performing well – even at 40 below

The Alaska Gateway School District routinely experiences temperatures of -20° to -40° F, but that hasn’t stopped its electric-powered school bus from a flawless service record in nearly two years of operation. Solar panels help the bus recharge.

Kids Ride Clean

Renaissance man and investor Austin Meyer (through the Ava Lane Meyer foundation) is giving away three electric school buses to South Carolina schools – and Daimler AG is kicking in a fourth bus to the contest. Essays from public-school teachers, students and classes in the state will determine the winners. Enter by December 31, 2021.

Electric School Bus Coalition Applauds Congressional Approval of Downpayment on Clean School Buses

Congressional passage of the bipartisan infrastructure plan boosts the importance of rebuilding and supporting the backbone of America in sustainable ways, and the Electric School Bus Coalition (ESBC) applauds this down payment on the country’s future. The legislation dedicates $5 billion to clean school buses, with $2.5 billion to replace polluting diesel school buses with zero emission school buses and an additional $2.5 billion for low or zero-emission school buses.

Washington County School System Unveils Tennessee's First Electric School Bus

The first all-electric school bus hit the road in Jonesborough, Tennessee in June of 2021. Coalition member Drive Electric Tennessee was there for the historic unveiling.

How do we speed up the transition to zero-emission buses?

We need to bring schools, lawmakers and utilities together to make the investment in electric transportation feasible for more school districts.

Parents don't want their children breathing harmful diesel fumes on their way to school, but how can school districts replace diesel buses with electric alternatives?

Federal funding holds the key to cleaning up the school bus fleet – if Congress passes enough support.

Studies tie diesel exhaust to serious health risks, and yet almost 95% of U.S. school buses use diesel fuel

Electric buses are cleaner – and cheaper – to run, but school districts need Federal funding help to meet the costs of replacements.

Massachusetts Electric School Bus Helps Power Electricity Grid in Breakthrough for Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

Did you know that electric school buses can also be leveraged as an energy resource? Click here to learn how Highland Electric Fleets partnered with the regional utility National Grid in New England to help lower demand on the electrical grid during times of peak demand.

The State of Electric School Bus Adoption in the US

The World Resources Institute recently published an article on the progress that’s been made nationwide on the adoption of electric school buses. This article is full of useful infographics and charts that help display our progress and how far we have left to go.

President Biden Announces Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

On June 24, 2021, President Biden released a fact sheet announcing his support for the bipartisan infrastructure framework. The statement outlines the key elements of his $1.2 trillion plan, including a specific commitment to the electrification of school and transit buses across the country. The Electric School Bus Coalition sees this as a great first step to implementing real change to both tackle the climate crisis and move American manufacturing forward. Click below to read the statement in its entirety.