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Electric School Buses: A Practical Resource Guide for School Districts ESCHOOLBUS.ORG

School districts that consider updating their fleets face many challenges. They must research and select the best bus model, set up charging systems, and, possibly the most significant challenge, budget for the upfront cost – a problem that federal and state funding programs increasingly are helping many school districts overcome.

With these issues in mind, the Electric School Bus Coalition is aware that many transportation managers and school officials are looking for a straightforward guide to help them lead successful electrification projects. This is that guide.

Government Resources:

United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean School Bus Program

EPA’s new Clean School Bus Program provides five billion dollars over five years (FY 2022-2026) to replace existing school buses with clean and zero-emission models. 

EPA: Benefits of Clean School Buses

There are numerous benefits of electric school bus adoption including zero tailpipe pollution, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced maintenance costs, and more. 

EPA: Prepare for Clean School Bus Funding

EPA announces it will begin accepting applications for Clean School Bus Rebates in late May 2022. While preparing to apply for this program and other future funding opportunities, please review the steps from the EPA.

EPA: Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Resources

EPA provides various resources including videos, infographics, and cost calculators related to the charging and fueling of electric school buses. 

Events Related to Clean School Bus Program

EPA provides a list of presentations and activities related to the Clean School Bus Program.